Restore & Crack The Excel VBA Password

VBA stands for Visual Basic for Application developed by Microsoft. It helps users to build an application without the need of Visual Basic. It supports many MS Office Application like MS Excel, MS Word, MS Access, etc. VBA projects are the part of MS Office as it contains the collection of VBA module.

VBA Password plays an important role because each & every VBA Projects needs to be protected in such a way that no one can misuse their data.If you have protected your VBA projects with passwords. What happens if by chance you forget or lose your password? In this case, we need to use either manual methods or some third party application to recover & crack the VBA password code. .

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Trouble Free Solution: VBA Password Recovery is the best software to retrieve the VBA Password. It will be like a nightmare if you lose your VBA file password. If You urgently need to open it in Word, Outlook, Access, Power Point, Excel etc. VBA Password Cracker Software can be a rescuer for such times and helps to open VBA password protected excel file.

Eye Popping Features of VBA Password Restore tool

  • Reset the New VBA Password After Unlocking
VBA Password Recovery automatically gives you a new password after removing the old one. It doesn’t need to know the previous password for unblocking the VBA Projects.
  • Supports all Versions of MS Office
This software supports almost all versions of the MS Office like 2007, 2003, 2000, 97 or XP. That’s why users don’t need to worry about using this tool to run in any Microsoft Office application.
  • Display Complete Recovery Details
After recovering the key, this tool shows the whole detail of VBA project which includes the procedure to reset the password & set the new one.
  • Recovers all type of VBA Password
This tool supports Multilingual password recovery. That means, if the VBA password is made up with the combination of alphabets, numbers, special symbols then, VBA Password Recovery can break them also.


This software is very efficient to recover your lost VBA password. Our main motive is to keep the data secure in order to avoid the loss of data. So, we are using the strong password to restrict the unauthorized access. VBA Password Recovery tool unlock or recover your password code from a protected VBA file.
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