Restore and Retrieve Deleted Excel Spreadsheet

MS Excel is a powerful spreadsheet program that is installed on the Windows PC. It is one of the important part of MS Office utility. Excel is used for creating tables, hyperlinks, labels, keywords, graphs, etc. It stores data in .xls and .xlsx file format.

There are multiple points that corrupt Excel documents. Virus intrusion, missing files, sudden system shut down and hard disk error are some of the factors that can damage Excel workbook data. Instead of this, MS Excel itself has many inbuilt restore option like open lost file data in safe mode, run Windows in safe mode and save Excel data in MS Word or notepad. But, this option only restores minor level corruption. For higher level, you have to use third party Excel file restore tool.

How to Restore Corrupted MS Excel File?

The lost MS Excel data are stored in the hard drive. But, it cannot be available in the operating system currently. Here, we discuss two vital methods to restore damage xlsx file:

Method 1: Manually Restore Lost Excel Data

This method is specially designed for the Windows Office users. If you want to restore the unsaved data then follow these steps -

  • Open MS Excel. Click on File >> Manage Versions >> Restore Unsaved Excel
  • Then, Select the file and click open
  • After that, Click Save As to save deleted Excel files.

Method 2: Use Excel Restore Software

As we know, everyone makes mistakes and sometimes our useful data may deleted carelessly. Despite this, an error occurs due to the virus attack, computer or hard drive get damaged. Excel Restore Software rebuild all your data in an efficient way. It does not matter that your data is lost due to any reason.

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Following are the feature which software possesses for data restoring:

  • Restore XLS file data completely without making many attempts
  • All the errors residing in your Excel file is possible to remove in one go
  • Retrieve all URL's, Hyperlinks, and data at once using Excel file restore tool
  • Avoid all reasons of error like Human factor, Trojan infection or bad sector etc.
  • Save the file to any desired location while restoring Excel data file.

Multiple advantages can be achieved with Excel File Restore Software:

  • Restore Excel file data with complete assurance
  • Safe and secure approach to restoring Excel file documents
  • Quickly restore Excel file data at once with software
  • Easy to handle all the errors and corrupt files together.


For restoring the Excel data from the corrupt XLS file, the manual procedure is the most tricky process. To overcome such problem, choose Excel Restore software to get back all are valuable data from the damaged Excel file. This software easily restore Excel file that was not saved. It easily retrieve Excel file documents, details and everything all together.

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