Import Multiple XLS File into XLSX File Format

The process to convert XLS to XLSX helps us to add up attributes of new MS Office version to Office files created in old editions. But before explaining further details about this conversion, let's have a look at the differences of MS Office new and old versions.

We all know that MS Office is a package of multiple programs. And it is in high demand amongst corporate sectors and organizations. But as time and technology both move ahead, Microsoft releases its services accordingly based on requirements and needs of users.

The upgraded versions of Office suite include more technical and advanced features which are not compatible with older versions of Office. The new Office covers Office 365, Office 2013, and much more.

Similarly, with the launch of Office 2007 and later editions, Microsoft introduced entirely new file formats for different applications like XLS to XLSX, PPT to PPTX etc. The new file formats were designated with a new name for files by adding up a suffix "X".

Instant Solution: Try Office Upgrade Software to transfer the XLS files into XLSX file format. For this, MS Office is installed in your machine.

Manual Methods to Convert XLS File into XLSX

  • Step1: Open the file that you want to export in XLSX format
  • Step2: Open the File Menu option by clicking the round Office button at the top left of the corner
  • Step3: Click Save As
  • Step4: Select Excel Workbook from the Menu. Choose the location where you want to save your files then give it a name & Click Save option.

Expertise Solution for the Conversion of XLS file to XLSX file

Office Upgrade is the best software to convert the XLS to XLSX file extension. It can upgrade multiple documents from older to newer MS Office versions. Using this tool you can export your Office documents in a bulk. By upgrade the Office, you can easily transform your XLS files data into XLSX format.

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Multiple Export Options As Per User Convenience

Default:This option is provided for those users who want to keep original files unaltered. For example, if user wants to convert XLS to XLSX, using this tool the original .xls file will remain at its original location.

Delete source files: This option will help those users who don't need the original file after the process of Upgradation. For example, users who don't need the .doc, .ppt files can check this option and the original file will be deleted.

Add suffix to source files: This option will help the user to identifying the difference between the upgraded files and lower version files. If users check this option, the XLS to XLSX Converter will help to add the desired suffix to the source files.


In this article, we see the solution to convert XLS to XLSX batch. First, use the manual methods, if it doesn’t switch your XLS data into XLSX. Then, try the professional tool to transfer the XLS file into XLSX file format. Office Upgrade is an efficient software that can change your Excel(.xls to .xlsx) data with an ease.

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